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Giulia Marchi, Greta Schödl in “BOOKS. Bologna Art Books Festival”

Giulia Marchi, Greta Schödl

BOOKS. Bologna Art Books Festival

May 26th-27th-28th, Friday h. 12-19, Saturday-Sunday h. 10-19

MAMbo - Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna, Sala delle Ciminiere

From May 26th to 28th it will be held BOOKS, the first edition in Bologna of the festival entirely dedicated to the art books.

The festival will be held under the sign of conviviality, in order to favor the exchange between the experts, editors, collectors and the exhibitive focuses; the festival furthermore includes a series of talks and conversations in order to allow the flow and exchange of information and provide a chance to look further into the subject of artist books.

For the occasion, we will present the artist books by Giulia Marchi and Greta Schödl.

The festival is promoted by the Comune di Bologna and is part of Bologna Portici Festival - Heritage Meets Creativity, to celebrate the porticos that are UNESCO heritage.

The entrance at the festival is included with the ticket for the MAMbo collection.

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