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Greta Schödl. Eccentriche Nature

LABS Contemporary Art is pleased to announce Greta Schödl's participation in the art project Eccentriche Nature organized by CUBO, the Unipol Group's Corporate Museum.

The opening will be held on June 5, 2024, and the exhibition will be open until October 5, 2024. The show is curated by Pasquale Fameli, with the contribute of Valentina Rossi; they developed the group exhibition that will be developed in CUBO's two venues, the more historic Porta Europa and the more recent Torre Unipol.

This exhibition aims to give voice and space to women artists linked to the Bologna community, a point of reference for Unipol, by analyzing a particular aspect of their production, namely the gaze turned to nature and vegetation. This is a gaze that does not yield to its most obvious and ornamental forms, but to its structural elements, such as leaves, branches or roots, understood as ideal foundations of abstract and transformative processes. Highlighting this aspect in women’s artistic production serves to deconstruct the stereotype of women's prissy, emotional or merely decorative approach to natural forms, distancing themselves from cultural climates still inscribed in a masculine perspective to tell the story of female inventiveness that has asserted itself considerably in the decades since the 1980s. For this reason, the exhibition starts from some authors already active in that period and arrives at the most recent ones, recomposing in a precious mosaic a situation that is far from unified but, precisely for this reason, richer and more stimulating. The selected artists are, in alphabetical order: Sergia Avveduti (1965), Pinuccia Bernardoni (1953), Mirta Carroli (1949), Valentina D'Accardi (1985), Giulia Dall'Olio (1983), Sabrina Mezzaqui (1964), Sabrina Muzi (1964), Francesca Pasquali (1980), Greta Schödl (1929) and Sissi (1977). They move from steel sculpture to object installation, from photography to drawing to the most radical conceptual research, with the aim of illustrating the many avenues of female creativity in the city of Bologna, beyond any stereotypical vision and confronting a theme as relevant as ever, the relationship with the environment and the understanding of the boundaries between the natural and artificial dimensions.

CUBO - Porta Europa e Torre Unipol

5 June - 5 October 2024


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