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L'ORO BLU - Museo dei Bronzi Dorati e della Città di Pergola - Opening 24.02.2024

The exhibition project curated by Leonardo Regano opens the art collections of the City of Pergola to the confrontation with the contemporary and its expressive languages. The exhibition, the core of the project "Blue il Colore della Cuccagna" presented in the Dossier of Pesaro 2024 - Italian Capital of Culture and implemented by Casa Sponge, brings into dialogue the research of 40 artists among masters and young talents of the current art scene on the theme of blue and gold, elements that mark the local artistic heritage in reference to the cultivation and processing of Isatis tinctoria, a plant otherwise known as ford, and the presence in the museum's collections of the Bronzi Dorati group, the only example of a Roman sculptural group in gilded bronze that has come down to the present day.

LABS is pleased to announce the participation of Marco Emmanuele, Luca Grechi, Giulia Marchi, Greta Schödl and Mattia Sugamiele.

Ongoing till Dec. 31, 2024.

Museo dei Bronzi Dorati e della Città di Pergola, Ex-convento di San Giacomo - Largo San Giacomo, 1 (PU) Pergola.


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