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Curated by Leonardo Regano

September 23 - November 12, 2022
Opening September 23, 2022 - 4 pm / 9 pm

Friday 23 September 2022, LABS Contemporary Art is pleased to present Camera Tripla, a group exhibition curated by Leonardo Regano. In the gallery spaces, the works of Marco Emmanuele, Luca Grechi and Mattia Sugamiele confront each other on the different meanings of the pictorial medium in their practice.


The exhibition aims to highlight the expressive potential of painting and the possible variations that this medium assumes in the artistic practice of the new generations. As the curator writes, “Camera Tripla is a project deliberately not closed but left free, conceived as a hypothetical and continuous work in progress where a small piece in addition would bring new possibilities of interpretation. The three artists on display were chosen precisely for the differences and peculiarities of their research which, despite the differences in languages, create a sort of correspondence and homogeneity in their overall vision ".


Marco Emmanuele (Catania, 1986) after completing engineering and architecture studies, approaches the visual arts with the spirit of a scientist who investigates matter in its possible expressive potential. The works on display are the most recent results from the ISO series, with which the artist experiments with the pictorial nature of pigments made of glass paste and glue. "Emmanuele combines pastel colors by building the images for flat backgrounds, with a result that shows clear formal similarities with the fresco and mosaic technique. The central element in Emmanuele's work is the light which plays an active role, it passing through the glass paste gives a particular brightness to the final composition. Light as an active element recalls the great tradition of the history of art. "


Luca Grechi (Grosseto, 1985) proposes at the center of his reflection the study of the pictorial medium, of the specificity of the relationships between signs and veils of color that distinguish its essence. On display are a selection of unpublished works by the Tuscan artist. "On the surface of the canvas, the brush strokes emerge free and liquid, joined and superimposed for a final composition, in which the planes of vision are mixed and a depth of reading of the work is created that requires the observer to wait and concentrate. "


Mattia Sugamiele (Erice, 1984) accompanies us in a fluid dimension, where the gaze is lost in the faint boundary of the comparison between painting and digital technology. Sugamiele builds alternative worlds to the real one in which the imagination is realized in the form of pixels. His gesture, always referring to the pictorial background, however, leads to the overcoming of the two-dimensional surface of the painting by mixing video, photographic images, sculpture and installation interventions. The trompe-l'oeil technique is used to confuse, mixing real and virtual in a single vision, a magical universe in which colors, shapes and signs seem to outline the biological foundation of a new possible hybrid existence.

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