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b. 1937, Guardiagrele CH, IT

Lives and works in Rome, IT



07 September - 02 December 2023

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Claudio Verna was born in Guardiagrele, in the province of Chieti, in 1937.

He lives and works in Rome.

He studied initially in Umbria, and then moved to the University of Florence, where he graduated with a paper on "Figurative Arts in Industrial Civilization" and where he held his first major exhibitions; in 1971 he moved to Rome, where he began to define his own thought and artistic tools independently. His research continued in the 1970s with reflections on making art and the relationship with tradition, years characterized by the experiences of the "Analytical Painting." After his debut in the 1960s, he received numerous awards; there are more than one hundred solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad. 

With expressive maturity, the absolute protagonist of his paintings becomes color and reflection on the values of saturation and light. The painting is articulated between the polarities of extreme rigor and intense emotional abandon; a pulsating and vibrant relationship between geometry, which is linked to the material articulation of the painting, and color, which explores the surface in all its parts.

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