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curated by Angela Madesani



COLOURE is the title of the new appointment with aniconic painting, proposed by Labs Gallery in Bologna, curated by the art historian, Angela Madesani. It is a dialogue on contemporary monochrome through the work of three artists born between the fifties and seventies of the last century, the Belgian Marc Angeli (1954), and the Italians Domenico D'Oora (1953) and Ivan De Menis (1973). Three artists who have never exhibited together so far. In their works, however, it is possible to see rouges files, paths, common atmospheres. 


The exhibition will be mostly small-medium format works in which it is more evident the overcoming of the two-dimensional dimension more linked to painting to reach the three-dimensionality of sculpture: from the wooden or alabaster plates by Marc Angeli, to the canvases and stratifications by D'Oora to the resin structures by De Menis. 


It is basically a dialogue on and within painting with all the possible historical, material, philosophical and linguistic implications. 

All the works in the exhibition, about thirty or so, require long observation times, an attitude of meditation, slowness on the part of the viewer in contrast to a certain useless cultural consumerism. Spectator whose involvement is necessary, desired. The work continues, in fact, to live its own life, outside the artist's studio, right through the eyes of the viewer. The core of their work, what unites them, is the experience of painting, to be understood in its dimension of research well beyond a purely aesthetic value. 


A catalogue accompanies the exhibition, with images of the works set up in the space and a text by the curator of the exhibition. 

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