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b. 1985, Grosseto, IT

Lives and works in Rome, IT



23 September - 5 November 2022

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Luca Grechi was born in Grosseto in 1986, he lives and works in Rome.

The artist proposes at the center of his reflection the study of the pictorial medium, of the specificity of the relationships between signs and veils of color that distinguish its essence. On the surface of the canvas, the brush strokes emerge free and liquid, joined and superimposed for a final composition, in which the planes of vision are mixed and a depth of reading of the work is created that requires the observer to wait and concentrate. Relating to his development the composure and thoughts settling on the canvas create a timeless hiatus which does not define as much as it presents a break. These endless possibilities manifest in his painting with that silence and sound in perpetual contrast, in a quest for coexistence.

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