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b. 1988, Andernach, DE

Lives and works in Berlin, DE

Matthias Esch per sito.jpg

Matthias Esch was born in Andernach in 1988, currently works and lives in Berlin.


His images are presented as reduced to ornaments and geometric structures, which attempt to find an expression that goes beyond the concrete or, more precisely, where words do not reach. The starting point of his research is precisely the mistrust in language, for which he designs subjective systems that communicate a metaphysical sensation rather than a message. This formal reduction is linked to a highly personal process of experience, which led him to the need to create alternative ways of expression. His creative process is therefore as instinctive as it is logical, as emotional as it is conceptual: geometry is the structuring starting point, while the dominant shades of red and purple underline almost wild and subconscious elements.

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