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b. 1984, Erice, IT

Lives and works in Milan, IT



23 September - 5 November 2022

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Mattia Sugamiele was born in Erice in 1984, he lives and works in Milan.

Mattia Sugamiele's research focuses on site specific installation and the use of different mediums, painting, sculpture, new technologies, and video.The starting point is philosopher Floridi's theory that focuses on the current human condition, divided between the digital and real worlds, which, in a poetic metaphor, is visualized as the habitat of Mangroves living in balance between fresh and salt water.

In the digital reign, forms and objects tend to dematerialize, to merge to become intangible, Sugamiele's works experience the paradox of a physical, soft, and hybrid restitution, not purely virtual. The heterogeneity of his installations and works becomes a space for questioning the relationship between humanity-technology, a dialogue of creation, adversity, in constant transformation.

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