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Dario Picariello on show at Palazzo Binelli, Carrara


Show curated by Silvia Vannacci


Jermay Michael Gabriel, Lori Lako, Dario Picariello and Peng Shuai Paolo

Palazzo Binelli, Carrara

September 7 - October 20, 2023

The show Noocene originates from the Manifesto of con-vivere Carrara festival, proposed by the philosopher and professor Laura Boella, with a courageous exploration of the intricate theme of humanity and human collective experience. Curated by Silvia Vannacci, the show presents works by four artists under 35 - Jermay Michael Gabriel, Lori Lako, Dario Picariello e Peng Shuai Paolo - with a selected students from the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara: Gianmarco Carbone, Lorenzo Antei e Michelle Usai. The show will be open from September 7th to October 20th at Palazzo Binelli in Carrara.

Facing the deep and faceted theme of humanity required the presence of artists with different background, whose artistic practice are focused on themes deeply human like the identity, memory, colonialism, social justice and gender issues. This approach means to offer a wide testimony of mankind, by gathering various perspectives to understand the complexity of our shared existence.

The title of the show, Noocene, comes from the fusion of greek words ‘νόος’ which means "mind" or "reason" and ‘καινός’ which means "new". A term recently coined by philosopher Hub Zwart, who hopes a new transition beyond the anthropocentric and challenging Anthropocene, towards a new era, that of Noocene.

Palazzo Binelli

Via Verdi, 7 - Carrara

September, 7 - October, 20 2023


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