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Marco Emmanuele on exhibition at Museo delle Navi Romane di Nemi

Bringing everything back home

Twenty-three Italian contemporary artist interact with the outstanding

Museo delle Navi Romane di Nemi's collection

curated by Lorenzo Madaro

8 May - 30 September 2023

Inaugurazione, 7 maggio, ore 11.00, alla presenza degli artisti

A Contemporary Cluster's project, in collaboration with Direzione regionale Musei Lazio - Museo delle Navi Romane di Nemi

Works by Paolo Assenza, Antonio Barbieri, Canicola, Dario Carratta, Cosimo Casoni, Giovanni Chiamenti, Matteo Costanzo, Fabrizio Cotognini, Giovanni Di Cataldo, Valerio Di Fiore, Gioia Di Girolamo, Luca Di Terlizzi, Marco Emmanuele, Francesco Fossati, Federika Fumarola, Alberto Gianfreda, Alessandro Giannì, Giulia Manfredi, Caterina Morigi, Nero/Alessandro Neretti, Luca Petti, Giusy Pirrotta e Andrea Polichetti.

At this time when on the exhibition dimension the relation between antique and contemporary matters is at the heart of the curatorial reflections of the present, the exhibition project "Riportando tutto a casa" - from the title of the Nicola Lagioia's extraordinary novel - offers a coral meeting between Italian artists, different by geographical origin, experiences, attitudes and background, with the Museo delle Navi Romane di Nemi's collections, through installations, painting, sculptures, video art and others media that allows them to generate a further reading of another huge theme: memory. This is exemplified by fragments, visions, fancy proposals, pieces of material by which the involved artists elaborate a personal vision that can be associated with the big repertoire of the found objects, from important recent archeological sites, with which share a contradictory familiarity.

The audience is supposed to move freely in the space, seeking possible scenarios. The artworks are beloved during the complicated path, among underwater archeological finds that are the basis of different stories of the occidental culture.

The involved artists, like Nicola Lagioia’s characters, but on an existential level, are open to a language and research change, even traumatic.

The director of the museum Daniela De Angelis underlines that for the Museum is important the ehnancement in different ways, in order to make the museum be a more welcoming place, open to everyone, and leaving the image as a container of old and dusty objects.

The realization of shared projects with the region are at the heart of the Direzione Regionale Musei Lazio and others region museum’s mission, the idea of an art contemporary exhibition that could be integrated into the museum is part of this bigger project of enhancement of the Museum and its collections.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog, edited by Contemporary Cluster, curated by Lorenzo Madaro, a contemporary art history professor at the Fine Arts of Brera in Milan. This volume presents site-specific photos of the artworks exhibited and biographical notes realized by Angelica Raho e Giulia Russo. The exhibition will be open starting from Sunday 7th May, until Saturday 30th September at the Museo delle Navi Romane di Nemi in via Diana 3. The Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9.00 AM to 7.00 PM.

- In collaboration: Direzione regionale Musei Lazio - Museo delle Navi Romane di Nemi

- Sponsor: Fondazione BCC dei Castelli Romani e del Tuscolo


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