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Mattia Sugamiele | Special project Arte in Nuvola 2023


Special project Arte in Nuvola 2023 curated by Valentina Ciarallo.

Mirrorland is Mattia Sugamiele's project designed for the spaces of Hotel Eden, which also this year renews its partnership with the Roma Arte in Nuvola.

The exhibition, the artist's first solo show in the capital, aims to recreate a virtual world in a new and unusual setting, proposing a parallel reality that is mirrored to the visible one, in a kaleidoscope of ever-changing images. 

Sugamiele's artistic work questions the relationship between humans and progressive technological innovation, in which his works become simulacra of elements familiar to us, sealed with techno-pop aesthetics, copies that are the result of human ingenuity and the digital revolution. 

📍From November 14 to 26, 2023

Hotel Eden, Rome


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