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Noemi Durighello/Ettore Pinelli

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Noemi Durighello / Ettore Pinelli September 13 - October 1 2023 A project created as a result of the prizes for the Painting Sections: COMBAT PRIZE 2022 and ARTEAM CUP 2020

LABS Contemporary Art presents “Noemi Durighello/Ettore Pinelli”, a special show that anticipates the new expositive season. To support the Italian young creativity, LABS Contemporary Art opens his spaces to the most interesting award-winning prizes artists, in order to create real opportunities for the promotion of new talents. The show is constructed as a double-solo show with protagonists Ettore Pinelli (Modica, 1984) and Noemi Durighello (Feltre, 1996), winners respectively of the ARTEAM CUP (2020) and COMBAT Prize (2022) for the Painting section.

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