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L' IMMAGINE RUBATA | Opentour 2024

Curated by Lelio Aiello and Leonardo Regano 

Alice Antolini, Alex Barracato, Alessio Bongianino, Amalia Maria Crisan,

Lorenzo Flammini, Carolina Gelardi, Giorgia Nunziata, Irene Peressin,

Beatrice Ricci, Raffaele Romagnoli

Opening June 20th - h. 3pm - 11pm

On display from June 20th to July 20th 2024

On the occasion of Opentour 2024, LABS Contemporary Art presents L'immagine rubata, an exhibition curated by Lelio Aiello and Leonardo Regano, on June 20th 2024. L'immagine rubata is an exhibition project confronting young artists from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna about the theme of quotation, different repetition and the possible new identities in which a given element - be it physical, visual or conceptual - can be declined in artistic practice. The exhibition follows a workshop program held by Leonardo Regano with the coordination of Prof. Lelio Aiello, aimed at students in the third year of the Three-Year Painting Program course held by Lelio Aiello and Luca Bertolo.

The exhibition is part of the 10th edition of the OPENTOUR project, an initiative organized by the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna with the collaboration of the "Associazione Gallerie d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Confcommercio Ascom Bologna".


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