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Puntinismo, Giulia Marchi, Marco Emmanuele

22.48m2 and LABS Contemporary Art are pleased to present an exchange project between the cities of Paris and Bologna. The initiative arose from the desire of Alessandro Luppi and Rosario Caltabiano, to promote the vision and research of their artists and to expand their networks by presenting unpublished projects designed specifically for exhibition spaces.

Giulia Marchi and Marco Emmanuele will present the project "Puntinismo" (Pointillism) hosted by the Parisian gallery and opening on Sunday, March 3, 2024.

Cécile Beau, Nicolas Boulard, Jean-Baptiste Caron and Charlotte Charbonnel will present "Metamorfosi" (Metamorphosis) which will open on Saturday, March 16, 2024 at LABS Contemporary Art gallery in Bologna.

The "Puntinismo" project is a dialogue between the artistic practices of Giulia Marchi and Marco Emmanuele. For the exhibition, the two artists discussed the theme of language and the times that characterize it through punctuation; here, the word is understood as an inescapable act of interaction and sharing as well as the pictorial act.

The researches of both are contaminated by different practices, for Giulia Marchi photography, visual poetry and installation; for Marco Emmanuele painting, drawing, sculpture and installation.

The selected works, mostly unpublished and created for the project, are thought of as a musical "counterpoint" in which the artists meet and clash, establishing a "melody" of visions and thought.

Pointillism, understood as an artistic current, and punctuation marks define the territories of the artists themselves, who explicate their research in diverse ways by indulging the practices that belong to them.


Opening Sunday, March 3, h. 2-6 p.m.

On view through April 20, 2024.

22.48m2, Romanville, France


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