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WORDLESS | DARIO PICARIELLO + J&PEG 7 March – 8 April 2024, Milan


Curatorship and critic text by: Elisa Carollo

Period: 7 marzo – 8 aprile 2024

Exhibition venue: Manuel Zoia Gallery, Via Maroncelli 7, Milano

Inauguration: Thursday 7th March at 6:00 P.M

We are pleased to report the new exhibition project, at Manuel Zoia Gallery Milan, involving the research of artist Dario Picariello.

Opening Thursday, March 7, “WORDLESS,” a double solo exhibition by artists Dario Picariello and J&PEG, curated by Elisa Carollo.

The word is the main tool that allows us to define reality through a shared code. However, a gesture, sound and image can often anticipate it to the point of replacing it, in a dimension of immediate universality that overcomes those linguistic and psychological barriers that condition every outward expression of an inner feeling. Indeed, shared linguistic and expressive codes often struggle to restore the multidimensionality of human experience. But if thought, as Wittgenstein reflected, is “the logical image of facts,” this “wordless” world can poetically manifest itself in idiosyncratic or ineffable works of art.

The works of Dario Picariello and J&PEG presented in the exhibition work at different levels on the impenetrability of the message-word, and the exploration of alternative codes of expression that allow one to capture the immediacy of a movement of thought and soul, and pass them on through time.

Dario Picariello was born in Avellino in 1991, lives and works in Milan. He holds a degree in Visual Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino and a Master in Photography and Visual Design from the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan - NABA. His research uses different means of expression to give life to works that return a narrative between past and present, resulting in a photographic language characterized by objects and bodies dense with mystery and suggestion. What interests the artist is the possibility, through scientific, anthropological and folkloric study, of being able to revive a place with its history by presenting the public with a broader narrative close to the themes of human existence. His work has been exhibited in various commercial and institutional spaces, including, among the most recent: Open Box, Milan; LABS Contemporary Art, Bologna; TRA, Trevisoricercaarte, Treviso; Palazzo Lucarini, Trevi; Casa Raffaello, Urbino; Palazzo Hercolani, Bologna; Museo Giovanni Fattori, Livorno.

J&PEG, born in Milan in 2006, is the tandem composed of Antonio Managò and Simone Zecubi initially came together to produce performance art. Over time, they focused on developing contemporary artworks, showcasing different languages and creative techniques, such as photography, painting, performance, video, installation and drawing. J&PEG's works have become part of private collections and have been exhibited in renowned foundations, museums and galleries, including the Mart Museum in Rovereto, the Castello Sforzesco - Villa Reale - Palazzo della Regione in Milan, the Boghossian Foundation in Brussels and the Stadtgalerie in Kiel. Their works have also been published in various art magazines, books and catalogs, further contributing to their recognition and dissemination in the art world.


Info and contacts

Manuel Zoia Gallery

Via Maroncelli 7, Milano, Italia

Wed – Sat 3:00 P.M – 7:00 P.M


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