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b. 1954, Bruxelles, BEL

Lives and works in Liegi, BEL



8 October - 20 December 2012

marc angeli.jpg

Marc Angeli was born in Brussels in 1954, lives and works in Liège, Belgium.
He graduated in Painting and Drawing from the Royale Académie des Beaux-Arts in Liège.

He has Italian origins from his paternal grandfather and they manifest themselves in his works. His painting is intimate and characterized by the use of only natural materials such as beeswax, organze, wine, pigments, wooden blocks.


Angeli loves to observe, his times are long, like when he walks through the woods in the mountains. He is not looking for something, rather he places himself in the state of mind of receiving, of welcoming, of relating, in a wordless dialogue with the phenomena that surround him. His works live in a suspended temporality in which matter takes on the colors of the earth, wine and glass. His painting is about silence, a silence full of references and meanings.

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