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Curated by Angela Madesani

Opening February 12, 2022 - 4pm / 9pm

LABS Contemporary Art is pleased to present, on Saturday 12 February, Redesigning the space, by Angela Madesani. The exhibition features the works of four artists who work with the photographic medium: Marina Caneve, Giulia Marchi, Andreas Gefeller and Massimo Vitali.


The leitmotif of the exhibition is the idea of a reinterpretation of space through photographic language. In Massimo Vitali's large photos, natural space becomes social space. Angela Madesani writes in the text accompanying the exhibition: «On display are two large photos in dark tones. Here everything is lava, everything is hard and pungent and the light changes very quickly. Vitali redesigns the space, remeasures it through another category. His is a social space, strongly anthropized that we can connect to his formation.»


Andreas Gefeller looks at the architectural space from above, changing the perception we usually have of it, creating zenith visions. His is the successful attempt of perceptual mutation and therefore of re-proposing space. Madesani continues: «Although it is a useless and obsolete question, it is natural to ask ourselves what kind of photographic operation we are facing. Is it documentation? In some ways, yes, because nothing has been added and everything corresponds perfectly to reality. At the same time, however, we must realize that the perspective proposed in the image, in this way, never existed. The user might think he is in front of a real, instantaneous image, but this is not the case.»


The one proposed by Giulia Marchi is a conceptual space, in which the artist's reading reveals further dimensions. On display are two works from the Fundamendal series which are the result of an in-depth study of the texts by the contemporary Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. The work stems from the desire to relate artistic research with Koolhaas's writings dedicated to the concept of space and the use we make of it.


Those of Marina Caneve shown here are still life, in which the objects are able to draw the spatial dimension through the essence of the forms, in close relationship with the natural space in which they are contained.


The artists we refer to look, through the room, at the space in front of them and interpret it, read it, draw it, propose it beyond a purely objective dimension.

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